What We Do For Parents:

  • Consult to identify the issues and assist in decision-making and problem solving
  • Educate Parents about Asperger's and Autism Spectrum Disorder

As Founder, Ms. Weinman is:

  • An Experienced Attorney
  • Expert Witness
  • An International Speaker
  • Certified Autism Specialist (C.A.S.)
  • Member, Board of Directors of the Asperger & Autism Alliance of Greater Philadelphia (ASCEND)
  • Certified Conflict Resolution Coach 
  • Trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 
  • Author, Higher Education Law in America, Private School Law in America and Special Education Law in America.

​For legal assistance, please visit: weinmanlawoffice.com

Our GOAL: to educate, train, and consult with parents, caregivers, professionals, first responders, police officers, attorneys, educators, and criminal justice personnel about autism spectrum disorder and how best to engage with individuals on the autism spectrum..

We accomplish this by offering trainings, consultations, presentations and workshops.

What we offer is the result of Weinman's multi-faceted professional and personal experience as an advocate. She implemented the 20+ years of advocacy and research skills developed as a Prosecutor and Trial Attorney to figure out what her son with Asperger's needed and how to get it. Weinman is a master at navigating systems, be they educational or medical.

We work collaboratively with parents, psychologists, educators and professionals to figure out precisely what they need and how we can help.


Autism advisors & Advocates LLc 



  • National Autism Association: ASD and the Criminal Justice System
  • La Salle University, Transition: ASD and the Law
  • International Symposium on Cognitive Research and Disabilities, Florida:  ASD: Behaviors and the Law
  • Autism and the Law; presented with Dr. Isabelle Henault
  • ​Law Enforcement: Encounters with Autism; Upper Merion Police Department
  • ​Transition: The Ruttenberg Center
  • "Siblings of Autism: A Move Towards Understanding";  Upper Merion High School
  • Transitioning from High School; Upper Darby​ School District
  • Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children; Theraplay Inc.
  • The PA Montgomery County Right to Education Task  Force
  • Panelist, Advocate Trainings, National Special Educational
     Advocacy Institute