"Advisor":  person who offers an opinion or suggestion as worth following

"Advocate":  person who speaks or writes in favor or support of another

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Welcome to Autism Advisors & Advocates LLC. We cater to a host of needs for families of loved ones - of any age - who have an autism spectrum disorder. We advocate, coach, mentor, consult and educate.

We are committed to helping families of children with Asperger's or Autism Spectrum Disorders figure out what to do and the options available for their specific needs. We guide them, advocate for them and EMPOWER them.

 Autism Advisors & Advocates LLC was founded by Carol S. Weinman, a parent, attorney and educator. 

"Education learned from a textbook or classroom is no match for the education and wisdom gained from living day-to-day with Asperger's."
                                                 - Carol S. Weinman

"Autistics need mentors to explain the ways of the world. The people who were of the greatest assistance were always the more creative, unconventional types. Psychiatrists and psychologists were of little help."                                                      - Temple Grandin

What Makes Us Unique?

We embrace a holistic approach by assessing the whole situation to provide tailor-made solutions for parents and their children. We understand how frustrating and overwhelming it is not to know where to start or what to trust. Oftentimes, symptoms may have many different causes so that addressing just one misses
the mark.

Anyone can gather information. What makes Weinman stand out from the rest is her keen judgment and unique ability to get to the heart of what's going on. 

What we offer is the result of Weinman's multi-faceted professional and personal experience as an advocate. She implemented the 20+ years of advocacy and research skills developed as a Prosecutor and Trial Attorney to figure out what her son with Asperger's needed and how to get it. Weinman is a master at navigating systems, be they educational or medical.

We work collaboratively with families of children with Asperger's or Autism Spectrum Disorders to figure out precisely what they need and how we can help. Our approach is as unique as the individuals we work with .......because we know that no two people are alike. 

Trainings and speaking engagements may be scheduled throughout the United States. Individual consults are by appointment only. However, consultation and coaching sessions also may be done by phone and from anywhere. 

Office:    500 Office Center Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034

You may contact Carol Weinman directly at:

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